FormAzione DiVina "We are not thinking machines that feel but rather feeling machines that think" (Damasio)



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Soft kills Trainer and Life and Business Coach (ICF), Giorgia Pizzuti has been working for almost 10 years with both small companies and national-international corporations such as P&G, Pfizer, Sony, Trenitalia, Renault, Enel.

Along with the traditional training methods she has been focusing and delivering Experiential Training. Her experience and knowledge in this latter approach is published in the “Formazione Esperienziale: istruzioni per l'uso” (Franco Angeli Ed., 2012) and "Small Techniques" (Franco Angeli, 2013). She has led and delivered consulting and training in many areas such as:

  • Effective Communication & Sales Skills
  • Decision Making & Neuroscience
  • Diversity Management
  • Team Building & Team Working
  •  Emotional Intelligent Leadership

Giorgia’s clients say she is a dedicated consultant-facilitator who brings energy and enthusiasm in every course she helds. Her focus is on balancing the delivery of effective results with the partecipants’ need to enjoy the learning process.

Giorgia is a passionate wine lover since her young age. She has been loving and studying wine for years and certified at the Italian Sommelier Association. She is also a keen sportswoman. She loves running, swimming and endurance sports. She participated as a Mental Trainer at the tv running show “Atletica Atletica” on 2011.

She truly believe that our capability to work and live well comes from within.

That is why her mission is helping people finding it out.


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